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Samah Mustafa


Samah Mustafa is an Arab Palestinian singer, musician, Vocal and music therapist.

Samah’s musical journey was influenced by the oriental classic singing and folk Arabic music, she combined together with modern music to develop her own unique music style. Samah was also influenced by instrumental music, and today she is a band leader, writing, composing and arranging ambient, folk and experimental music based on vocal and other instrumental loops, musical images in vocal and lyrics.  


Samah was the main vocalist in various projects in Palestine, Morocco, Sweden, Norway, Sri Lanka, UK, spain, etc.. , such as Arab baroque music project, Jawa Tour, New Star competition and Yabous Palestinian festival.

I believe that the voice is a magical therapeutic instrument, can express complicated feelings and emotions that words cannot describe. I aim to continue exploring my voice and its levels to express and share different emotions experiences and subjects I am going through.

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